On a hill called Öskjuhlíð south of the city center of Reykjavík you can find Perlan (‘pearl’). It is a wonderful place especially for evening hours with nice views on the region (plus it is open until 10pm). Perlan is a double-usage facility: in first line it is a storage for hot water and the city is supplied from their. In 1991 six water storages made of aluminum and covered by a glas cupola were activated. In 2017 the second usage started in addition: it is now also a natural history museum.

After entering Perlan you can learn about the special nature of the country, about the flora and fauna and its history. Special exhibitions explain the phenomenon of aurora borealis (‘northern light’) and you can walk through a vast ice cave. On top there is a souvenir shop and a turning restaurant. If you’re stormproof you can also exit the glas cupola and enjoy a 360-degrees-view on Reykjavík and the region. A great place to spend an evening when all other museums have already closed!


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