Walking on walls

The highlight #1 of every visit to Dubrovnik is a walk on the ancient city walls. It was built from the 8th century on and was very helpful during the many times the city was besieged – may it be by the Saracen, the Republic of Venice, the Mongols or the Crusaders. The city walls are around two kilometers long and offer amazing views from all sides on the UNESCO world heritage site.

Warning: Choose your time to visit wisely. There is almost no shade on the city walls and climbing up and down might be exhausting. Better visit early or late the day and bring some water with you.

The city walls are up the six meters wide and up to 25 meters high. They are ascending in the direction of the Lovrijenac fortress and the Minčeta tower. Along the way you’ll find some small bars which offer drinks so that you can better enjoy your tour. You can access the walls at three locations: close to the Pile gate, close to the Ploče gate (a bit hidden) and close to the harbor and the maritime museum. The tour is than only allowed in one direction (counter-clockwise) but you can do as many rounds as you like.

The highlights along the way are the views on the Lovrijenac fortress, the ancient harbor that you can pass very close and the Minčeta tower with the best photo location. Take your time to stop at the bar called ‘Minčeta‘ shortly before you arrive at the tower: it has a perfect airconditioning system and offers juices that you can enjoy while sitting on the walls with excellent views on the city center.

Dubrovačke gradske zidine

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