Hakuna matata

Since 1994 the official currency of Croatia is the Kuna (divided into 100 Lipa). The name dates back to the time when the fur of martens had been used as a currency – the Croatian word for marten is kuna. So you’re paying with martens in Croatia. 😉 But that will all end in 2023 when the Euro becomes the currency of the country. Fortunately the marten will stay – it is shown on the Croatian Euro coins.

At Dubrovnik getting cash is not a problem at all. First, as in many European countries, you can pay nearly everywhere by card. Second there are ATMs everywhere and withdrawing cash is absolutely hassle-free. If you think you’ve seen the Kuna bills before then you’re probably a middle-aged or older German: the style is very close to the last series of Deutsche Mark.


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