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Luxembourg is a small country and if you want you can reach all interesting places in the capital city of Lëtzebuerg on foot. Nevertheless you’ll find one tramway line (from the main station to the exposition center, crossing the city center and the European quarter) and a good bus network. And best of all: it can be used completely free of charge.

In 2020 Luxembourg decided to make public transport available for everyone (including tourists) at no cost. That applies to trams, buses and even trains. That is great, because you don’t need to get a ticket and there is no ticket inspection. When you’re at Lëtzebuerg you might not want to climb up the hills every time you’re down in Grund or Paffendall. For that, elevators and a funicular are also part of the free public transport:

  • The funicular connects Paffendall (and especially the railway station there) to the European quarter. Next to the Porte des Bons-Malades an elevator takes you to the railway station Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg and from there the short funicular goes up to the Kirchberg plateau hosting the European quarter.
  • The most beautiful elevator connects Paffendall to the upper town (the panoramic lift). It combines a viewpoint with an elevator cabin made of glass that gives wonderful views while going up and down.
  • A second but very important elevator connects Grund with the upper town. Near the area with different bars and restaurants you’ll have to walk into a tunnel where you’ll find the elevator that brings you up to the St. Esprit area.


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