Traditional food

At the city center of София, Bulgaria you’ll find restaurants serving food from all different countries. If you’re looking for traditional Bulgarian dishes the Hadjidragana Tavern is an excellent choice. There they let you choose from all the typical meals and you can enjoy them with a lokal beer and a rakia; inside or on a terrace in the backyard.

As Bulgaria is located between western Europe and Turkey, the Bulgarian cuisine is influenced from different directions. You’ll find Osman, Greek and also Austro-Hungarian traces; just look at the names: Baklava, Kavarma, Kebapcheta, Kyufte, Byurek; Musaka and Palachinka. Sounds somehow familiar to you?

Хаджидрагановите изби
The Hadjidragana Tavern
ул. „Христо Белчев“ 18
1000 София център

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