If you want to enjoy a full-scale botanical garden close to the Belgian capital you must go to the Plantentuin in Meise, just three kilometers north of the Atomium. If you can live with a smaller one, the old Jardin Botanique (Kruidtuin) north of the city center is waiting for your visit. It was opened in 1829 and consisted of an orangery, three terraces (in French, Italian and English styles) and was decorated with fifty-two statues.

Today it is a public park which still breathes the spirit of former times with a large fountain, rigidly cut hedges and even bananas growing in the city. Most items have been preserved, thirty of the statues are still standing and the beautiful orangery building has been converted into a cultural event center. A wonderful place to relax outside!

Jardin Botanique / Kruidtuin
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 3
1000 Bruxelles

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