The Troodos mountains close to mount Olympos are a wonderful green area that in winter is used for skying. The village Troodos itself is a special one: nobody is officially living there, but it is always crowded. In summer, many trails invite you to a long hike and the different waterfalls in this area are often the final destination.

The most popular waterfall is known as the Caledonia waterfall which is hidden in the forest. You can hike up there from the northern part of Πάνω Πλάτρες, but while I was there all parking areas were fully overcrowded. That’s why I decided to visit the Millomeris waterfall instead. It is a little bit smaller and located underneath of the city. If you want to go there by car you can take the main road out of Πάνω Πλάτρες (B8) to the southeast and you will see a sign leading you to a narrow road which ends at the waterfall.

Millomeris waterfall
Πάνω Πλάτρες / Pano platres

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