Hidden gem

Within the Troodos mountains of Cyprus, you can find a special UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, it is a combination of different small sites, of painted small churches distributed throughout the mountains. One of them is the Archangelos Michail at Πεδουλάς, a small church that could easily be overlooked as it looks like a barn. And that is probably the reason why the paintings survived over time: it is a well-hidden church.

The paintings have been created in 1474 CE and the orthodox church is dedicated to archangel Michael, also shown in the paintings. It is an absolute surprise to find such beautiful decorations in what looks like a barn with an UNESCO sign attached. If you want to go there you should be an experienced driver: the church is located in a remote part of the village Pedoulas. The roads are extremely narrow and there are just two parking lots in front of the church. I was sweating a lot while driving there, but it was worth the pain. 😉

Archangelos Michail
Πεδουλάς / Pedoulas

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