Zentrum Paul Klee

If you’re interested in art, you’ve probably already seen some works of Paul Klee who was born in 1879 in the region of Bern. His work spans different styles from expressionism via cubism to surrealism. In 2005 the Zentrum Paul Klee was opened which has gathered 40 % of his artworks and is therefore the most comprehensive exhibition about him.

Already the museum itself is worth a visit as it fits smoothly into the surrounding landscape and is looking like a wiggly line. The museum is located 2.5 km east of the city center and you can walk over there – but as this walk includes a lot of inclination, I would really suggest taking the bus line going directly to the museum and labeled as such.

The museum also includes a good coffee bar with some small dishes to regenerate. If you want to extend your tour: directly north of the museum, you’ll find the Schlosshaldenfriedhof on which the grave of Paul Klee is located.

Zentrum Paul Klee

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