City am Bahnhof

Switzerland is an extremely expensive country. You can pay a fortune for a vacation there and hotel rates are remarkably high as well. If you don’t need an extraordinary, beautiful hotel because you’re just on a city trip you might decide to have a look at the hotel ‘City am Bahnhof‘. It has one particularly important advantage: it is located just across the road when leaving the main railway station of Bern.

The hotel standard is acceptable, and you might only be annoyed from the sounds of street should you desire to sleep with open windows. In front of the hotel is the main bus and tramway hub from which you can reach all parts of the city. As a surplus you’re directly next to the old town of Bern and can explore the most important sights on foot.

City am Bahnhof
Bubenbergplatz 7
3011 Bern

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