When travelling by bike there are different options to cross a river like the Fulda. The most often used and most boring are obviously bridges. My most favourite one are ferries like the nice Weserfähre between Hemeln and Veckerhagen. But there is also a rather exotic one south of Melsungen, Germany: a manually operated funicular. It is connecting the two villages Beiseförth and Binsförth. Never heard of? Don’t worry.

The river Fulda is 40 meters wide at this point and to avoid the bicycle riders need to climb a hill a ropeway was installed. Up to four passengers can get with their bikes into the vehicle and by turning a wheel navigate over to the other side. The ropeway is called Seilfähre (cable ferry) which is technically wrong as it never touches the water.

Malsfeld near Melsungen

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