Russian embassy

People living abroad tend to create a desire for food they know from home. Germans always search for typical German bread and beer. It seems to be the same with the large Russian community at Kassel, Germany. At the city quarter Süsterfeld-Helleböhn you can find a special supermarket that fulfils their needs: the Rhönmarkt. A supermarket full of Russian products, articles from Eastern Europe and a very small amount of German and Turkish supplements.

If you want a wide range of original vodka you’ll be happy there. The supermarket also has a larger amount of caviar than in a German shop and you can try some unusual meat variations and sausages. I felt a bit lost between all those products labelled with Cyrillic letters – but I’m not in the target group of this place. Shopping there is an interesting experience and sometimes it is also a nice idea to just buy things you don’t know; you might be surprised in the end.

Rhönmarkt / kauVer
Rhönplatz 2
34134 Kassel

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