When you’re hiking within the Habichtswald near Kassel, Germany you might find signs leading you to the Hirzstein – a 500 meters high rock formation with a nature preserve. Access is possible from the Teufelseck near the Teufelsmauer. It is just a one kilometre long way along the mountain through beautiful forest until you reach a viewing platform. Here you will find benches and very good views on Baunatal and Schauenburg. A detour is absolutely worth to take!

The mountain belongs to the city of Kassel but is surrounded by municipalities belonging to Schauenburg: Elgershausen, Firnsbachtal and Hoof. At the viewpoint, you can find a pole with different pipes to look through. The inscriptions tell you what villages and mountains are visible and also the distance to them. The nature preserve includes the mountain (with some circular ramparts proving former human usage) and the Teufelsmauer.


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