Rocket man

The most amazing cable car ride of my life! If you want to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon located on mountain حريصا (Harissa) 650 meters above sea level you can go by car on bumpy roads up the mountain or you can feel like rocket man by using the téléphérique from Jounieh – a gondola lift with gondolas that are not running continuously but are connected to the system when needed. And these gondolas are started with quite some speed.

The cable car was created in 1965 and is 1.5 kilometres long. A ride lasts about nine minutes and costs something around $7 or 11,000 Lebanese Lira. Up to four persons can climb into one gondola and from within you’ll have amazing views on the forest, the bay and the city of Jounieh. Sometimes paragliders get pretty close. When you arrive at the top you need to switch to a short inclined elevator for the last meters – don’t know why this is necessary.

Téléphérique du Liban
حريصا / Harissa

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