In Game of Thrones the castle Harrenhal is the biggest fortress ever built – but it was destroyed by a dragon of Aegon. Therefore it is mostly shown as a giant ruin on the TV series. How to digitally create such a place? The moviemakers decided to take Dunluce castle (Dún Lios means ‘strong fortress‘) in Northern Ireland as their blueprint. It is a ruin standing next to the shore. There were no scenes filmed directly at the castle but the castle was scanned and reproduced digitally.

The castle itself has a long history but the first document dates back to the year 1513 – that time it belonged to the McQuillian clan – in 1584 it was taken over by the MacDonnells. It’s a castle that was often attacked. It was given up in the 17th century and it is said that this happens because the sea was too loud. But in fact this is quite a dangerous location – in 1639 the new kitchen slided down the hill and the staff lost their lifes.

Dunluce castle
87 Dunluce Road
Bushmills / Muileann na Buaise
Northern Ireland / Tuaisceart Éireann

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