Giant‘s causeway

The Giant’s causeway is one of the natural highlights of Northern Ireland. 40,000 steles of basalt directly at the shore, surrounded by a wonderful landscape. Since 1986 this place is a UNESCO world heritage site. After arriving at the visitor’s centre you can take a shuttle bus to the steles or walk on two different (a long and a short) routes through this place. It is absolutely worth also to include the longer path as it includes additional volcanic structures called the giant’s organ and shepherd’s steps from which you have great views on the area from up above. But the highlight is, of course, to climb on the hexagonal structures close to the sea.

It is known that these steles exist because of volcanic activities but there is also a myth told about them. It is said that in this region the giant Fionn McCumhaill (or Finn McCool) was living and in Scotland across the waters a giant called Benandonner. One day Fionn felt that he was insulted by Benandonner and created a causeway to Scotland by throwing stones in the water. He requested Benandonner to come over for a fight but then recognized that he was exhausted after building a bridge – he searched a way to avoid the fight.

His wife then made him drunk, dressed him as a baby and put him in bed. When Benandonner arrived she told him that Fionn will return soon and invited him for a cup of tea. When he saw the giant ‘baby’ he thought that the father must be really, really large and in fear he ran back to Scotland and destroyed the causeway behind himself. What would life be without those tales? 😉

Giant‘s causeway
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