Iron islands

The Iron islands are a kingdom within the TV series Game of Thrones. The people living there are seafaring and calling themselves the ironborn. Rulers of that fictive region is the House Greyjoy and kings are made by drowning them in the water of the sea. They worship the Drowned God and their slogan is ‘What is dead may never die‘. Scenes for the TV series were mostly shot in Ballintoy harbour in Northern Ireland. It is a small ancient harbour underneath some houses on the coast.

When the TV team came there the people had to leave their houses and earned a lot of money for that. When getting to the harbour you can really recall scenes from the TV series. They’ve just put some decorations over modern elements in the harbour that would not fit the TV series. Even the coffee shop in an ancient stone house appears on TV. The harbour itself was used for the scenes when Theon Greyjoy arrived back at Pyke. But the area was also used to depict Dragonstone. Another filming location is not far away in a limestone quarry – the Larrybane Quarry.

Ballintoy harbour
Ballintoy / Baile an Tuaigh
Northern Ireland / Tuaisceart Éireann

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