The Blind Phoenix

It is a hidden bar which you won’t find unless you explicitly search for it. The Blind Phoenix is a speakeasy for witches and wizards hidden in the underground of Dalston, London. When you arrive there look out for an inconspicuous black door. I already wanted to give up and leave as a house-elf pointed me towards the hidden entrance. There you’ll have to enter the secret code on an old-school telephone and afterwards the door opens and you’ll see the long stairway into the cellar.

Downstairs you’ll be served various potions in a magic-inspired environment. The Serum of Loose Lips might enhance your conversations, but you could also try some love potions or mood-changing mixtures. The Blob, for example, is an ever-bubbling, blue brew made from tequila, mezcal, bergamot, lavender, orange and lemon. The Blind Phoenix is a nice place to hang out; classic cocktails are prized at London prize level – magical creations a bit higher.

The Blind Phoenix
5d Stoke Newington Road
Dalston, London N16 8BH
United Kingdom

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