Gediminas tower

The Gediminas tower or Gedimino pilies bokštas is the town’s landmark of Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a tower made of red bricks standing on a 142 meters high hill close to the river Neris. It is the only preserved tower of the castle built in 1323 by Gediminas the Grand Duke of Lithuana. You can take the Gediminas hill lift, visit the museum inside the tower and climb on top of it to enjoy good views.

Gediminas is – together with Mindaugas and Vytautas – one of the great rules of Lithuania. He was a clever politician, preserved his power with marriages and secured himself against attacks of the Teutonic Order by telling the pope that he wants to get baptized. An assurance he took back later and died in 1341 after being wounded in a battle against the Teutonic Order.

Gedimino pilies bokštas
Gediminas tower
Arsenalo g. 5
Vilnius 01143

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