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Estonia is a sea-faring nation and of course there is a museum dedicated to that topic at Tallinn, Estonia. The Eesti Meremuuseum has it’s main location in the ‘fat margret‘ tower at Pikk 70 which is currently closed for renovation – therefore I could only visit the secondary location at the old waterplane harbour in Lennusadam. It can be reached on foot or by using a small train on wheels.

The secondary location is definitely worth a visit – because of the special building it is located in, the ships presented outside and the nice exhibition inside. You can see a large submarine, there are different aquariums and many stories about maritime life. They also present changing exhibitions – by the time of my visit there was a nice small exhibition about ‘sex and the sea’. And sex always sells. 😉

Eesti Meremuuseum
Estonian Maritime Museum
Pikk 70 / Vesilennuki 6
10133 Tallinn / 10415 Tallinn

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