Baltic sea

After visiting the Baltic states I’ve got the feeling that Tallinn, Estonia (formerly also called ‘Reval‘) is the one best known to Germans. That is probably because it has a harbour close to the city center where cruise ships can stop and unload masses of tourists. But that didn’t disturb me much during my visit and of course one should use the situation to give the Baltic sea a visit.

That is pretty easy as you just have to look it for the brickstone tower of the Kultuurikatel, a cultural center. Not far behind it you can find the ruin of the city hall (linnahall) directly at the shore and a tiny beach if you want to swim. The shore consists of destroyed concrete at most places and looks a bit shabby – but I guess this region of the city will get a new face soon.

From there you can walk along the water to the old Patarei prison and the former water plane harbor that now contains a section of the Estonian Maritime Museum. In front of it you can see many different ships exhibited. It is definitely a nice walk with many interesting views.


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