Collection of castles

When hearing the name ‘Sanssouci‘ people always think of the castle of Sanssouci at Potsdam, Germany. But after finishing the castle and the vineyard terraces a continuous expansion began under the following Hohenzollern rulers. Flower gardens, alleys, uncountable fruit-bearing trees and fountains where added. The Park Sanssouci now has a size of 290 hectares and a network of paths that sum up to 70 kilometers. There is a lot to explore and to discover.

Within this vast garden over time a lot of buildings – some smaller, some bigger – have been built. This includes for example:

  • Schloß Charlottenhof, a summer residence in style of a Roman villa.
  • the Orangerieschloß or Neue Orangerie, a vast orangery with a nice terrace in front.
  • the Friedenskirche, a church with a 42 meters high campanile; built in the same style as the Heilandskirche at Sacrow.
  • the Roman bath houses in the style of Italian cottages.
  • the giant Belvedere with the Drachenhaus (dragon house) and the kings vineyard on the Klausberg hill.
  • the Chinese house with rich golden decorations showing scenes from China.
  • the Neues Palais, the giant guest house for the guests of Frederick the Great.

Take your time to discover all areas of the park.

Park Sanssouci

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