It is a retirement home for old illuminated letters and advertisement signs: the Buchstabenmuseum (letter museum) at Berlin, Germany. Since already 14 years a club of volunteers collects and exhibits letters and advertisement signs with a history. They had to change their location already five times and are now located under a Stadtbahnbogen near S-Bahn stop Bellevue.

Within the exhibition you can find the giant letters ‘HAUP’ which belong to the current Ostbahnhof– because it was formerly the ‘Hauptbahnhof’. There is also the sign of the shopping mall ‘Hertie‘ which the staff dumped in the river Spree when the owners closed it. It had to be removed from the water and ended in the museum. The collection also includes the giant letters from Kombinat robotron which produced the computers in the GDR. The word ‘Zierfische‘ (ornamental fishes) came from the city quarter of Friedrichshain where it was part of the city and everyday life. With a crowdfunding campaign the advertisement could be bought when the shop had to close.

When I came to the Buchstabenmuseum they had just moved and the exhibition wasn’t fully completed but it still was a nice visit. Everybody there is working voluntarily and they need to pay a rent: therefore the entrance price is with 12 Euros quite high – but I found it worth to be payed.

Stadtbahnbogen 424
10557 Berlin


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