Whitehall Gardens

After watching the movie ‘Notting Hill‘ with Hugh Grant (‘Whoopsidaisies!‘) and Julia Roberts (‘Can I stay for a while?‘) we all know that there are numerous small gardens throughout London, England – some private, some available to the public. One of the latter is located near the river Thames between Embankment and Westminister. If you can distract your eyes from the river and London Eye and walk on the other side of the street you can find Whitehall Gardens.

It’s not a big or very special garden at the Victoria Embankment, but they plant many beautiful flowers there and in combination with the Royal Horseguards Hotel in the background it is a nice scenery. The garden dates back to 1875 and was designed by George Vulliamy. It also contains three statues depicting Henry Bartle Frere (a diplomat), James Outram (a general) and William Tyndale (a priest translating the bible into English).

Whitehall Gardens
Victoria Embankment
England, United Kingdom

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