London Eye

The London Eye (or Millenium Wheel) is with a height of 135 meters the highest big wheel in Europe. It is located on the south bank of river Thames close to Westminister bridge in London, United Kingdom. It was opened in 2000 and was planned to be deconstructed after five years – but as it was so successful and became a town’s landmark of London, it is still standing.

The wheel consists of 32 gondolas and 25 persons can take place in one of them. Boarding and un-boarding is done on-the-fly while the wheel is rotating. London Eye is a unique experience and you can see a lot of the city, but it is not the best photo opportunity – better climb up St. Paul’s if you want to take some shots. Tickets for the big wheel are quite expensive but that depends on whether you have time or not: fast-track tickets get you in really fast.

London Eye, Millenium Wheel
Lambeth, London
England, United Kindom

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