Social realism

The national art gallery of Tirana, Albania or Galeria Kombëtare e Arteve is located close to the city centre at Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit. You can easily find it behind the artwork ‘The Cloud‘ (REJA). From the outside the building doesn’t look too promising but it has a good collection of 4100 historic works – beginning in the 13th century CE – and the presentation of these is very good. On the ground floor changing exhibitions are shown, often with contemporary art.

In 1946 a institution called committee of arts (Komiteti i Arteve) was founded that opened a first museum in 1954. The current building was opened in 1974. The collection consists of the works Albanian artists and I was especially interested in the works of Social Realism, showing the life of people in Albania. It is always nice to see the many differences, especially in role models.

Galeria Kombëtare e Arteve
Albanian national gallery / National museum of fine arts
Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit
Tiranë 1001

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