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The Albanian lek (ALL) is the current currency of Albania. It was introduced in 1925 and one lek was formerly divided into 100 qindarka (this subunit was removed in 1990). The lek has two specialities: it isn’t a freely convertible currency and its value is held stable against the Euro by the national bank. And (what I never had before) you are not allowed to import or export the currency.

That means that you can’t get lek in advance in your home country – you have to get it on the airport from cash machines or use an exchange office. While leaving the country nobody asked whether I have lek with me. The bank notes always show an important person on the one side and a corresponding building or scene on the other side. The 5000 lek note for example shows Skanderbeg and the castle of Kruja (which he defended and where he ruled from). As the country wants to join the European Union the lek might one day be replaced by the Euro.

Albanian lek (ALL)

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