There was a time at Germany when everything from China was en vogue. That is why there was a Chinese village at the borders of the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe at Kassel, Germany. It was built from the year 1781 on and was named ‘Mou-lang‘. Today still 13 of the 21 original buildings are in place – but you’ll have to search for them because their ‘Chinese style’ is unobtrusive and they are surrounded by different mansions built afterwards.

Most iconic building is the pagoda which only has one storey (original Chinese pagodas have more) and red columns. And the top of it wasn’t part of the original design – it was designed for an aviary. ‘Mou-lang‘ was built as decoration, as staffage – and additionally it should produce milk and other farm products for the nobility. The city quarter where these ‘Chinese’ buildings can be found is today called ‘Mulang‘ and you can see many wonderful mansions there.

Mou-lang / Mulang-Pagode
Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe

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