An der Werrabrücke

The Café an der Werrabrücke can be found at one of the best locations at Hann. Münden, Germany: from inside you can watch the old stone bridge over river Werra. The area along the river – the Dielengraben – has been redesigned recently and is now home to two outdoor parties (the ‘Dielengrabenfest‘ and the ‘Brückenfest am Dielengraben‘).

I’ve visited this place different times over the last 20 years and every time it had a new owner. Today an Italian family seems to be running the coffee bar and they offer great cake, breakfast and I also heard about a coffee bar table quiz like you normally have it in Irish pubs. The place has a new and fresh look inside but the outdoor sitting area seems to be too small – but that’s just because of the available space in front.

The coffee bar was taken over in 2019 by the owners of the Café Aegidius that has closed in 2018. It is now named ‘Zimt & Zucker an der Werrabrücke’.

Café an der Werrabrücke
Lange Str. 1
34346 Hann. Münden

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