The Tannenkamp is a small mountain with a wonderful forest close to the city quarter Kattenbühl of Hann. Münden, Germany. On top you will find an open-air stage (the Freilichtbühne Tannenkamp) and the best forest to play in – with nice little valleys to explore, mountains to climb and small paths to follow between the trees.

If you get there by car better park near the Freilichtbühne and start to explore from there – the road named Tannenkamp is pretty narrow. When you walk down towards the river Werra there are different things to find.

Ancient meeting space

You’ll find an old tree on an artificial plateau created with stones. The tree is also surrounded by flat stones on the ground – it seems to be a ting. What might have happened here in the past?

Old quarry

If you continue further down the hill you will definitely find traces of former roads on which heavy goods have been transported towards the city. If you follow them up the hill you’ll find an old quarry and it is pretty easy to image how stones have been taken from here and how they were transported down the hill.

The old quarry is not too far away from the city but the way there is sometimes blocked by fallen trees. Not too many people seem to get there. If you want to visit it better behave quiet: wild animals live in this loneliness and should not be disturbed. We had the luck to observe some fox babies here.

Tannenkamp, Kattenbühl
Hann. Münden, Germany

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