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The Deutsches Museum Bonn in Bonn, Germany is a remote location of the Deutsches Museum in München. It has been opened in 1995 and is located at the Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn – the heart of the German scientific community hosting most important science organisations.

The Transrapid train marks the entrance

You can’t miss it because at the entrance you’ll find a Transrapid train on a track segment. The museum itself consists of two parts – a classic science museum with important historic items and a small interactive museum to play with physical experiments. There are about 100 objects in this exhibition and I thought it might be in most parts a bit boring for a younger child.

Additional fun with LEGO

But when we where there they had an additional LEGO exhibition and a challenge that worked well: we had to find LEGO people throughout the museum and answer questions. It was an interesting stay and better than expected. Their educational program seems to be good – maybe we’ll try that out next time.

Deutsches Museum Bonn
Ahrstraße 45
53175 Bonn

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