The Hotel Fregehaus is located in a backyard of the city center of Leipzig, Germany – only some meters away from the historic town hall, the market place and the famous Auerbachs Keller. It is a boutique hotel with a nice style and old-style decorations that fit very well to the location.

You can’t drive with your car in front of the hotel, instead you should park it in the huge multi-storey carpark of the shopping mall Höfe am Brühl. If you find the right exit you are very close to the hotel. The entrance is through a gate in a backyard, the reception is on the second floor.

I loved the style of the hotel and the nice breakfast in the morning. In addition they have a room on the ground level they call “Blauer Salon“; here you can sit down, read, talk and enjoy drinks from a small self-service bar. At night you have to open the two outer doors via a wireless key system. That’s something that you have to know and understand, but it works well.

Hotel Fregehaus
Katharinenstraße 11
04109 Leipzig

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