Cap de Formentor

The Cap de Formentor is the eastern end of the island of Mallorca and located on a land tongue stretching into the Mediterranean sea. If you want to get there by car you should start early in the morning: the roads are narrow and many cars and bicyclists might cross your way.

After the city of Pollença the road winds up into the mountains. When we went there the first nice viewpoint – the Mirador Es Colomer – was already too crowded and we couldn’t park the car. But during the next kilometers there were different tiny options to stop and enjoy the rocky Serra de Tramunata. 

The road ends at the lighthouse at the end of the island. Luckily someone is arranging the traffic there. We had quite a long traffic jam as they just let as many cars up as parking lots are free. Elsewise it would be total chaos. There is a small restaurant in the lighthouse but it’s also fun to just get here for some nice views on the mountains and the ocean.

Cap de Formentor
Mallorca, Spain

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