The Jahrtausendturm or millenium tower is a wooden tower within the Elbauenpark in Magdeburg, Germany – built for the Bundesgartenschau 1999. It is 60 meters high and you can do two things: first you can walk up the ramps outside of the building. They bring you up close to the peak and you can enjoy 360 degrees of nice views of the area and the city of Magdeburg.

Second you can walk inside in every level and discover the history of science. It starts with the pyramides of ancient Egypt and continues via Αθήνα to Roma. In the course of the exhibition you see experiments and learn things like chemistry. It ends at the top with a view at the future. Enjoy the Foucault pendulum in the center!

Jahrtausendturm im Elbauenpark
Tessenowstraße 7
39114 Magdeburg


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