Café + Bar Esprit

Göttingen is a university town where the students account for one fifth of the population – and therefore has the highest bar density in northern Germany. So you have a big variety to choose from, but if it comes to having a nice breakfast or drinking some cocktails there is no way around the Esprit.

Located in the city center, a bit afar from the pedestrian zone, the bar and coffee house is a really nice location which also offers a patio in the backyard. In the morning they serve the best breakfast in Göttingen: In healthy versions with fruit salad and pancakes; or in savoury variations, also with cheese and meat from Switzerland. For evenings they have the best assortment of spirits in Göttingen and mix great cocktails from that. Maybe the only place where you can get a good pisco sour and white russian in this town.

Lange Geismar Straße 19
37073 Göttingen

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