The Roses of Sarajevo

When walking through Sarajevo with open eyes you will recognize some ruins where nature reclaims its territory and trees growing within concrete structures. You will even find facades with plenty of bullet holes and also within cable cars the heritage of the war is still visible.

Explosion marks on a building in Sarajevo
Explosion marks on a building in Sarajevo

This doesn’t surprise if you remember, that between 1992 und 1995 the city was besieged, everything moving has been shot and an average of 330 shells per day has been fired on the city. The people of Sarajevo have restored most buildings and the pavement in the city center looks like in any other capital city in the world.

Some scars have been preserved as memorials: The explosion marks of shells that somehow look like flowers have been filled with red resin. The number of these memorials is steadily decreasing while the pavement is continously replaced.

Building hit by bullets (Sarajevo)
Building hit by bullets

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