There is nothing like coco verde

Coconuts can be dangerous, especially when falling from a palm and striking you on the head. But it has to be considered an urban legend, that a considerable number of people per year die because of this fruit. In Vila do Abraão on Ilha Grande they can say: You have been warned.

Dangerous coconut, Brazil
Dangerous coconut

The typical German doesn’t have too much contact with coconuts. One or two times in a lifetime we get a ripe coconut and use a drilling machine to get to its content. Or maybe when we are are into cooking Asian meals, we might get a can of coconut milk from the supermarket. But that’s all nothing against a green coconut.


Coco verde
Coco verde

In Brazil you can get coco verde at many different places, typically stored in ice water to keep the nut and the coconut water chilled. Afterwards the well-trained coconut salesman prepares the coco verde with his blade and five to six strikes. There is nothing as refreshing as drinking cool coconut water with a straw directly from the coconut.

And it is even healthy: Coconut water contains lots of magnesium and is therefore a really good prevention for cramps. While travelling Brazil I got that much addicted to coconut water, that I had to order some of it over the Internet afterwards. But it is not as good as drunken directly from this dangerous fruit.

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