The Brazilian view on the Falls

The Brazilian part of Cataratas do Iguaçu is smaller then the Argentinian side. It is also part of a National park preserving the area. It is mainly one route leading you from an entry point along the river directly under the falls. It is an easy walk but if you don’t like to get wet (at normal Brazilian temperatures absolutely no problem) you have to prepare.

Walking along the river gives you different views on the falls and on the island within the falls, which in fact belonges to Argentina. At the end of the walk you can go on a platform leading you close to the water. Directly at the falls there is a tower where you can get up again, catch a bus or go to a restaurant for having a break.

The views are nice but you should definitly also see the Argentinian side of the falls. Close to the entrance of the National Park you can do a helicopter ride or – which is my recommandation, visite the Parque das Aves; a zoological garden which brings you in close contact with the animals of this region.

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