Don’t cry for me Argentina

Going to the Argentinian side of the falls means leaving Brazil and therefore you first have to wait at border control. And receive a nice stamp within your passport. The Cataratas del Iguazú are part of a state park which is often pretty much crowded. We had the chance to go directly to the Sheraton hotel within the park and walk from there.

The visit is mainly divided into there parts: (1) The upper walk, (2) the lower walk, and (3) the Garganta del Diabolo. We started at the upper walk where you take pedestrian bridges which are right above the waterline and you can see these enormous amounts of water dropping into the deep pretty near. In addition the wind is driving up the spray and you can cool down naturally.

On the lower walk you pass through the jungle and get spectaculous views as if you would be the first person to discover this place. The path ends right under the falls and from there you can take a boat ride which is really nice. I was wondering why I was given a waterproof bag while entering the boat, but I fastly knew why. And I was happy that the guide told me that I had to wear shoes to enter the vessel but afterwards I should fastly store them in the bag. Not having this information would have ruined my sole shoes for the whole trip.

The boat captain took us along the falls for having some pictures and then drove us three (!) times into the falls. Automatically you turn your head to the side to try breathing and you can’t see a thing because of the water and spray. After that the boat takes you down the river and you’re taken back by trucks equipped with seats.

The last stop (when you are already dry again) is reached by a small train. The train stations were crowded and we had to wait quite a time but it was worth it. On a pedestrian bridge you walk 1 km over water to reach the Devils throat (Garganta del Diabolo). It’s the point lying most far back in the river and you only see water masses falling into a white space.

All around the falls you meet a nice animal called Coati. But be aware – it is always on the lookout for food and can hurt you. I myself do consider the Argentinian side of the falls the more beautiful side. You have more diffent views on the falls.

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