The liberty statue (szabadság-szobor) is a memorial located on Gellért hill (Buda side) in Budapest, Hungary. It is a 14 meters high woman holding a palm leaf and it is honoring the soldiers that liberated the country during World War II. Together with the resting place made of stone it is about 40 meters high and therefore visible from nearly every point of Budapest.

Szabadság-szobor, Budapest
Szabadság-szobor, Budapest

The statue was placed in 1947 and is standing in front of the citadella of Budapest, used by different forces to protect or beleaguer the city. The citadel has been built  after the Hungarian revolution in 1848/49 and is today a UNESCO world heritage site. It was planned to be part of a wall around the city to keep the uprising Hungarians under control (luckily this wall has never been built). You can get up there to enjoy wonderful views by taking bus #27 leaving from Móricz Zsigmond körtér station.

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