Views from Galata

The Galata kulesi (Galata tower) is a beautiful watchtower in Istanbul, Turkey located in the city quarter of Beyoğlu, directly on the hill close to the Galata bridge (Galata Köprüsü). It is named after the place it is built on, a part of Istanbul known for its bars and music venues. From there you’ll have wonderful views on the Golden horn (Haliç), the Bosphorus and the touristic Sultanahmet.

A first building has been here since 527 CE, errected by the Byzantine Empire. The current tower has been built in 1348 CE as the so called tower of Christ under Italian reign. Today you can visit the two upper floors of the 68 meters high building and enjoy looking at the bustling town underneath. You can take an elevator to the seventh floor and from there a short staircase leads you up.

Galata kulesi / Galata tower

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