Pleasant surprise

I had not been to London, United Kingdom for some time as I heard that two friends wanted to get there for a weekend to celebrate the birthday of one of them. Secretly I took over the planning and booked three tickets for the trip and a nice small hotel near Paddington station.

On the day of the trip I was waiting at Starbucks at Frankfurt airport and the first eye contact led to big astonishment. It was a very funny situation: she needed nearly an hour to understand that I’m actually travelling with them. We want by train from Heathrow to our hotel and I recognized that I still know the subway system by heart and intuitively found our way.

We had only very limited time and could only get to the most important sites like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Tower and Tower Bridge. After seeing St. Paul’s Cathedral I found a time slot for visiting Tate Modern. And we visited platform 9 3/4 and bought some Gryffindor scarfs. 😉

A short but very nice trip to England I would not have liked to miss – even  though I have the feeling to know this city by heart.

United Kingdom

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