Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí (HAV)

The airport of La Habana, Cuba is old-fashioned but functioning well. 70s style wallpapers, shabby toilets and a non-waterproof roof give you a reminder where you have landed. It is named after the famous liberator of Latin America, José Martí.

Security checks and border control involved long queues but were no-frills. Stamps of border control are made on an extra piece of paper to allow US citizens to visit the island without problems when returning home – and protecting travelers passing the US, too.

The only good way to access and leave the airport is by taxi. Check the current valid tariff via Internet before arrival and negotiate with the driver before the trip. Good spoken Spanish or a written note about your destination in La Habana will prove helpful.

Aeropuerto Internacional José Martí
Avenida Rancho Boyeros
La Habana

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