Between the city center of Cape Town and Signal Hill you can find a special city quarter that is mostly known for its colorful painted houses: Bo-Kaap. It has narrow and steep streets and is obviously not the prime location to built a city quarter on (even though it is really close to the city center); it is the place that the so-called Cape Malays were allowed to settle in. They’re a Muslim group whose ancestors were enslaved by the Dutch East India Company and brought to South Africa.

The city quarter dates back to the 18th century and contains around ten mosques for 6,000 inhabitants, 90 % of them Muslims. It is the second biggest workers quarter of Cape Town after District 6 and also contains a small museum in Wale Street. The museum gives insight into the history of the community but is no big highlight; better use your time to explore the streets and colorful houses.

Cape Town
South Africa

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