(Natural) History

The South African Museum was founded in 1825 and is a wild mix of 1,5 million exhibits connected to South Africa. You can learn about regional stone carvings, sharks, land-bound animals, dinosaurs, the life of Nelson Mandela and visit a planetarium connected to the museum. In fact, the South African Museum is a combination of a natural history museum and an archaeology museum which feels a bit odd at the first moment as these types of museums are typically separated in Europe.

Nevertheless, the museum is fun to visit – maybe on a rainy day. As most museums also the South African Museum had to change some exhibits after Apartheid; a good example is the former bushman diorama which exhibited depictions of indigenous people belonging to the Khoi and San people and were collectively called ‘bushmen‘. The South African Museum can be found on Queen Victoria Street directly next to the Company’s Garden.

South African Museum
25 Queen Victoria Street
Cape Town
South Africa


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