Red sandstone

The town hall building of Basel is a very decorative one, very playful and especially absolutely colorful. It is located at the market square in the city center and not far away from river Rhein. It was built from the year 1504 on and has a height of 47 meters. You can enter the inner courtyard and walk up through a staircase that reminded me much of the architecture at Verona, Italy. The entire buildings contains many beautiful paintings, including those of Hans Holbein der Jüngere.

Within the courtyard the a statue of Lucius Munatius Plancus is on guard; a former Roman senator serving under Gaius Iulius Caesar and later reigning the region of Gaul. At the outer facade you can see the Baselstab, the coat of arms of Basel. It is a bishop’s staff symbolizing the formerly close connection between church and city.

Rathaus des Kantons Basel-Stadt
Marktplatz 9
4001 Basel

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