The highest mountain of თბილისი is easy to spot: on top of the holy mountain (Mtatsminda) the TV tower with its special shape is located and it is illuminated at night. The 750 meters high mountain is holy because Davit came to Georgia in the 6th century CE to teach Christianity to the Georgians. He was living in a cave within the Mtatsminda and often went to the city to preach. Later the inhabitants turned against him and went to the David Gareji monastery until the end of his life.

Today visitors come to Mtatsminda for rather non-religious reasons: like in many cities of Transcaucasia there is an all-year-long fun fair on top of the mountain which is reachable using a funicular. At the base station you can get a special payment card on which you have to put some money; with that you can pay the funicular and all attractions in the fun fair. On arrival you’ll first see a large mountain restaurant overlooking the city and giving great views in day- and nighttime.

Behind that large stairs are taking you to the top and through the fun fair with small restaurants and typical attractions like auto scooters or a wild-water channel. The highlight probably is the ferris wheel in the rear part. It lets you have perfect views on the TV tower and the suburbs of the city – and it is also illuminated at night. Even if it would only be for the views, a visit to Mtatsminda should be part to every trip to თბილისი.

თბილისი / Tbilisi

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