Heydər Əliyev adına beynəlxalq hava limanı

The international airport of Bakı (GYD, Azerbaijan) has two terminals (an old a new one) and is located 15 kilometers northeast of the city center. It was opened in 1980, has two runways and is operated by the state-owned airline Azal. I arrived with Azal from თბილისი and landed at terminal 2 which is rather small: just go through passport control, pick your bag, pass the toll control and your done. You still have the chance to exchange or withdraw some money, but there around much other facilities at the terminal.

Once you leave the terminal taxi drivers will offer their service, but you’ll probably don’t need it: the Airport Express takes you fast into the city center and ends at the main railway station and the 28th May metro stop. Just pass the roads to the end of the roof: you’ll see a small blue Airport Express bus stop sign and a vending machine that gives you the BakıKart public transport card and there you can also put some money on it. When the Airport Express bus arrives it first goes to terminal 1 and then to terminal 2. While entering it you need to put your BakıKart on a reader to initiate the payment.

The international airport is named after Heydər Əliyev and you’ll here his name pretty often in the capital city. He was president of Azerbaijan between 1993 and 2003, since then his son İlham Əliyev has taken over this position – both of them enjoy a good personality cult and like to be the Umümmilli lider (‘national leader‘). When arriving at Bakı airport remember that rules are stricter here: no pictures allowed of airports, metro stations or staff in uniforms (that is also why the picture in this post is from Tbilisi airport).

Heydər Əliyev adına beynəlxalq hava limanı

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