Inside the gorge

The botanical garden of თბილისი is vast in size but unlike typical botanical gardens in western Europe packed with flowers and trees. It is more like a large park with different smaller sections of flowers, a Japanese garden, a waterfall and endless rows of cypress trees. What makes it so special is the location: it can be found within a gorge behind the mountain on which Kartlis deda monument and the Nariqala fortress are standing.

This position makes the botanical garden a very relaxed and quiet place and enables nice views on the fortress that you can get from nowhere else in the city. You’ll find many places to sit down and relax, toilets are available in different areas and there should also be a coffee bar which was unfortunately closed during my visit. You can reach the botanical garden in different ways: you can either walk up from the old town or Leghvtakhevi canyon, the entrance is close to the entrance to Nariqala fortress. Or you take the cable car from Rike park to Kartlis deda; from there it is a steep descent into the botanical garden.

Botanical garden
თბილისი / Tbilisi

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