It is one of the coziest places of თბილისი: the Leghvtakhevi canyon. From the Metechi church you can see the spa quarter on the opposite side of the Mtkwari river. A tiny stream runs through this quarter and you can follow it on narrow paths and by passing on several bridges. Atop the high rocks next to it houses are standing directly at the chasm and their balconies are also reaching out; a really nice view. At the end of the canyon you will find the small Leghvtakhevi waterfall.

The name Leghvtakhevi refers to the Georgian word for fig and was chosen as once many fig trees were standing there. According to legend the queen Tamar used this place as her personal spa and many writers and poets went there over time. Today it is a place for couples and lovers; and of course a place for tourists and travelers. For some it is hard to believe that such a nice and (sometimes) quiet place exists so close to the city center. If you’re arriving in a season with little water running down the waterfall: climb up to the botanical garden, there is larger one spanned by a bridge.

Leghvtakhevi canyon and waterfall
თბილისი / Tbilisi

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